Who We Are

Velociposse is a Women’s cycling club in London, with members of all abilities. We started out two years ago as an all-women track team and, girl, what an entrance we made. As a team, we trained together and raced in regional and international events, including the infamous Red Hook Crit, as well as local track cycling events. Back then, we focused on track cycling because, although it’s particularly male-dominated, it’s an easy way to get into racing, with lots of accessible events. Now we’ve widened our focus to include other disciplines too. And we know that not everyone wants to race (some of us prefer cheering on the sidelines, pint in hand) so there’s no pressure to. But if you want to find out how fast you can go, we’ll support you and help you get race-ready.

Did you know that 69% of women in the UK have stopped participating in sport by the age 21*? 
That sucks. Velociposse was formed to help change that statistic.


Who we are now

We’re a group of women who want to ride fast and have fun, on the track and on the road. A few of us have been with Velociposse since the beginning but many of us are relatively new, and growing. We’re from a range of backgrounds – some of us have been athletic all our lives; others, not so much. Many of us tried traditional cycling clubs and, while we have a huge amount of respect for them, we found that we prefer riding with a femme-focused club, where we can train and race together in a supportive environment. We’re competitive and up for a challenge, but we like having fun and a post-ride beer (or four) too. Also, not to brag, but our kit is pretty awesome.


What we’re all about

Positivity – we believe we can do it, whether that means winning the race or even just having the confidence to enter it.
Encouragement – we truly support each other and we know that when women encourage each other, great things happen.
Progress – we work hard to improve our skills, speed, and confidence. There’s no better feeling than finally mastering a trackstand!
Fun – because messing around on bikes is always fun! Sure, we’ve got some rad #goals but we’re still amateurs and we’re here to have a good time.


What we want to achieve this year

• Lower that crappy stat above. A pretty big goal, but this is our way of contributing to the development of cycling for women
• Support all of our members, at all skills levels, to learn and progress
• Participate in as many women’s track and road events as possible, throughout London and the UK
• Begin to participate in road racing events and support initiatives, including the London Women’s Racing League
• Have a bloody good time!


Want to join us?

Of course you do! Head over to the Join page to find out more.

*Sport England research