Race Licenses

Originally posted on the club forum September 2017. Some details may be out of date.

So you want to race? The first thing is to sort out a race licence.

You’ll need to have Silver or Gold British Cycling Race Membership. If you currently have a Bronze membership then you will need to upgrade. You should also ensure that you have uploaded a photo of yourself (when you log in, click the link to ‘My Dashboard’ in the top right hand corner of the website).

Until you have a full race licence, your dashboard (About me → My membership) will say ‘Provisional Licence’ under Licence Type. The fact that it says ‘Race Silver Membership’ at the top doesn’t mean that you have one.

A full race licence is £38 for the year, if you buy it after the 1st of July then it is half price (£19) – quite a few races require you to have this and won’t accept a day licence (and this will work out cheaper if you plan on racing lots). Having a full licence means you are eligible for licence and ranking points. Note, full race licences expire on the 31st of December.

To get a race licence, you need to call the number in the link below:

Once you have purchased your licence, then it will show up in your dashboard, under ‘About me → My membership’. It should now read ‘Full Licence’ under Licence Type.

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