A Douchebag at Rapha Nocturne Copenhagen

Since I’m in the middle of my MA thesis writing, I couldn’t be bothered to type an epic race report. So here’s an epic illustrated version. There was actually nothing epic about the Rapha Nocturne Copenhagen except for the indoor warming area with free rollers. (That’s as epic as epic can get; take note you Red Hook Crit organizers!)

I didn’t know there’d be cobbles. So many cobbles! Alas, it was the worst race I’ve ever done. My brain cells had been replaced by lactic acids by the finish line and I celebrated the finish too early. I was no longer able to control my inner twat who wanted to show off and ride without hands to look swag in the finish line photos. Ooops. I lost my second place by half an inch and came third again.

I learned my lessons: 1. Don’t be such a douche 2. Don’t race on cobbles with a tail bone injury 3. Don’t ride on 50-15 ratio when racing on cobbles with a tail bone injury


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