10 Things I Learnt At Red Hook Crit London No.3 (AKA Wet Foot Crit)

  1. You can never have too many spare pairs of socks

  2. Mini GPS devices do not survive crashes. Nor do knees.

  3. Team vans are cool. Maybe we should get a team van. Maybe we should raise funds to buy a team van. Bake sale anyone?

  4. The fixed gear community are way more approachable than they appear to be (everybody looks so hardcore with their battlewounds and edgy haircuts/colours and tattoos). Thank you to anyone who helped us out including Stanridge Cycles, NLTCBMBC, Fixed Beers, and RHC event staff!

  5. Five Guys makes for good carbo-loading and kit-drying in between races

    (Eeva keeping dry in Five Guys)

  6. You can keep going after crashing

  7. There should be beer at the finish line

  8. I want to learn how to track stand to this level…

    (photo credits: LW Event Consulting)

  9. This event is probably the hardest fixed gear criterium series on the planet. With elite athletes. Including world champ track champ and Olympic gold medallist Dani King. Probably not suited for someone who started racing 3 weeks ago

  10. BUT GOSH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Bring on the next one!

(photo credits: Memrides)

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